Break Out the Band-Aids: Actress Thiessen Injured at Luca Luca Show

The wind howled and sheets of rain fell from the sky on Friday, Sept. 11, but that didn’t stop people from coming out to the Luca Luca show at the Altman Building.
“If you’re a fashion buff, you come out no matter what the weather’s like,” the singer Estelle said, sitting in the front row.
She looked the part in five-inch stilettos and big gold earrings. This was her first show of the season.
“I’m excited about the whole week,” she said.
Actress Tiffani Thiessen and designer-heiress Nicky Hilton sat nearby in the front row. Ms. Theissen had on a kind of business suit—all black with a blazer and skirt. Ms. Hilton wore a blue dress with a tie around the waist.
At one point, in the frenzy of people snapping pictures, someone nicked Ms. Theissen’s thumb. An assistant rushed over with a Band-Aid.
“Find our who did it,” she told reporters, adding, “Fashion Week is crazy!”
You said it, sister.
The injury wasn’t serious—thank God!—and slowly, the chairs lining the runway started to fill up with largely frowning faces. The audience seemed to be a bit disheartened by the awful weather—and the inevitable prospect of having to go back outside—but everyone reacted positively to Luca Luca’s 1940’s-inspired designs.