Brown’s Beast Grows–Rrrowl!

Tina Brown’s Daily Beast, noted for spending lots of Barry Diller’s IAC dollars in the service of journalism, is entering another ailing industry. In conjunction with Perseus Books Group, Ms. Brown will be starting a Daily Beast book imprint.

Beast Books would produce titles by the site’s writers on a short schedule–two to four months including writing and production–first as ebooks and later as paperbacks. The Times says that they’d be around 150 pages long,and would focus on timely issues that benefit from a quick turnaround. The first ebook is slated for a December release.

Relatedly (and setting aside the limitations of 150-page books produced in three months), the ebook format continues to be challenging for many readers. Most recently, Princeton students: this fall the university provided course readings on free Kindles to 50 students, but two weeks into the pilot program, many are say they’re dissatisfied. The Daily Princetonian reports today:

“I hate to sound like a Luddite, but this technology is a poor excuse of an academic tool,” said Aaron Horvath ’10, a student in Civil Society and Public Policy. “It’s clunky, slow and a real pain to operate.”