Bulletproof Class

  • Even if the recession has ushered in an era of austerity, inconspicuousness and modesty, there are certain pockets of New York City where hilarious sumptuousness still thrives.

    Consider the 25-foot-wide, 14-room East 10th Street townhouse that Corcoran’s Eileen Robert just listed for $19.9 million. The 1846 house, between Fifth Avenue and University Place, has a six-machine laundry, a wine cooler, a playroom, a vault and a bathroom once used for washing three large dogs—all in the basement alone, which isn’t even shown here. Upstairs, there’s a very large tub by a very large fireplace; a wet bar by a bulletproof door; a lot of phone lines; an amusingly large magazine rack; and some nice shelving for a kid’s toys.

    In other words, the house—which, according to city records, is owned by the media entrepreneur Clive Ng and his wife, the ex-model Farrah Summerford—is a nice little relic of the go-go days. - Max Abelson

  • The entry under the stoop takes you to a welcoming area paved with antique stones quarried between 1820 and 1900. Classy.

  • The only fireplace in the house that doesn’t work is in this staff bedroom, but its gold-flecked mantel is original, at least.

  • The back door is bulletproof; better yet, the house’s five-camera video security system has something called “24 hour time lapse recording.”

  • This used to be a “yoga/massage” room. Now it’s a child’s bedroom with separate sleeping and play areas (and a closet with “built-in shelving for toy storage”).

  • The wet bar is built from dark walnut, of course, and has a fridge and wine cooler.

  • The master bathroom’s tub (“large, sensual, oval,” the listing coos) is next to a fireplace whose stone mantel is from Chesney’s in London, just like the stone mantel in the master bedroom.

  • The entire top floor of the house is one media room with 50 feet of bookcases, a custom-made magazine rack, a built-in entertainment system and, of course, skylights.