De Blasio Gets More W.F.P. Support, Sees Term Limits as a Topic With Voters

Bill de Blasio was endorsed by the five City Council candidates who won their Democratic primaries with strong help from the Working Families Party.

The run-off for Democratic public advocate nomination next week is expected to be low, giving him that much more of an organizational advantage over Mark Green, in theory.

De Blasio, and the candidates he was with, said they were also betting that the term-limits extension (which de Blasio opposed) would be an issue.

“I have struck how deeply people of all demographics will talk about term limits like [the vote] was yesterday,” de Blasio said, standing with the group at City Hall this morning.

Seth Barron wrote this morning that these new Democratic candidates for City Council, once in that body, will move to get rid of Christine Quinn, who supported the term-limits extension, as speaker.

I’m not convinced of that argument yet, since it’s unclear so far that these incoming members won’t align themselves with their county delegations in what is usually a regional-based fight for speaker. And one ingredient missing in this coup formula: an alternate candidate to Quinn.