De Blasio Hits Green Over Term Limits, Ties Him to Giuliani


Here’s the latest mailing from Bill de Blasio, which hits Mark Green for agreeing to allow Rudy Giuliani to stay in office after his term expired in the immediate aftermath of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

The piece also equates Giuliani’s push to stay on after his term expired with Michael Bloomberg’s push to extend term limits, something that editorial boards and advocates have said is not quite the same.

(Giuliani said he wanted to say in order to deal with September 11th. It would have required no election or vote and would have only been for a couple of weeks. Bloomberg sought an extension of term limits, which was voted on by the City Council and allows him to run for a full, four-year term.)

De Blasio unveiled this line of criticism during the first televised public advocate’s debate last week.