Did Djokovic Win Back New York With His McEnroe Impression?

After last year’s spectacular meltdown at Ashe, Novak Djokovic did the best he could last night to win the fans back.

After his easy win last night over Radek Stepanek, Novak started doing impressions again on-court, this time of John McEnroe. Novak then willed McEnroe to retreat from the broadcast booth and to come down and hit balls with him. McEnroe started doing an impression of Novak and then they started hitting balls. The crowd that was left at Ashe absolutely loved it (well, until a very winded McEnroe kept hitting serves into the net).

“I’m loving Novak tonight!! I never thought that would happen again,” wrote one friend in an e-mail to us last night.

“It seemed really forced and weird,” wrote another.

The jury is still out, maybe! But we’ll be watching closely.