Haitian Times Endorses Bloomberg, Hits Thompson

Michael Bloomberg has picked up the support of the Haitian Times, in the form of an endorsement which includes a sharp, process-based criticism of Bill Thompson:

Mr. Bloomberg’s leading opponent, Comptroller Bill Thompson has run a lackluster campaign so far. He is not only outspent as we expected, he is being outhustled by the mayor’s staff, who one would have thought complacent, giving the seemingly limitless budget at their disposal. He has few contacts in the Haitian community and none in his inner circles.

Mr. Bloomberg on the other hand, has actively courted the Haitian community. This shows us that the mayor really wants to keep his job and will not leave anything to chance, his billions not withstanding.

UPDATE: A Thompson spokesman notes that his candidate was not even invited to speak with the newspaper before they made their endorsement.