Endorsement Power: Times Vs. Daily News

A reader compared how candidates backed by The New York Times and Daily News did on primary day, and discovers the Times-endorsed candidates won nearly twice as often as News-endorsed candidates. Also, appropriately, The Times did much better in Manhattan than in the outer boroughs.

There’s an obvious chicken-and-egg thing here that makes any serious attempt at analyzing the papers’ influence in these elections too mind-bendy for me to undertake. But please, feel free to have at it yourselves. (Also, this tally counts Bill de Blasio as a “win” and David Yassky as a “loss,” despite the fact that they’re both in run-offs. Adjust accordingly.)

Here, according to our reader, are the results:

New York Times

9 wins, 5 losses – 64%

Wins: Bill Thompson, Bill de Blasio, Cy Vance, Oliver Koppell, Danny Dromm, Jimmy van Bramer, Diana Reyna, Brad Lander, Jumaane Williams.

Losses: David Yassky, P.J. Kim, S.J. Jung, Lynn Schulman, Jo Anne Simon.

Daily News – 39%

7 wins, 11 losses

Wins: Cy Vance, Ydanis Rodriguez, Danny Dromm, Jimmy van Bramer, Diana Reyna, Brad Lander, Jummane Williams.

Losses: David Yassky, P.J. Kim (finished 3rd), Yudelka Tapia(3rd), Paul Vallone (3rd), S.J. Jung (3rd), Bob Friedrich (2nd, but lost by nearly 25 points), Heidi Chain (3rd), Evan Thies (4th), Mark Winston-Griffith, Antony Herbert (4th).