Friday’s Slip’n’Slide Style: Jason Wu, Cushnie et Ochs

A fashion show at the St. Regis Hotel might have seemed like a comfortable respite from Friday’s rain, but the Jason Wu show was not without peril.

The runway, a mirrored walkway snaking through five rooms, took out at least one audience member. After a dramatic fall, she had to be helped to her front-row seat, where she received a bag of frozen peas to hold against her knee. The clipboard girls manning the doorways could be overheard muttering about liability.

Fortunately the celebrities were unharmed, despite a small stumble on the part of actress Amanda Peet. She maintained her balance and made it to her chair, where an editor from Harper’s Bazaar volunteered her seat so that the previously unacquainted Ms. Peet and fellow thespian Kerry Washington (“Hi, Amanda. I’m Kerry”) could sit together.

Worth considering: Leon Wieseltier’s New Republic piece on the decadence of The New York Times Magazine, which refers to the Manhattan media’s inability to acknowledge Anna Wintour as “the most boring person on earth.”The crowd at Friday afternoon’s Cushnie et Ochs show was decidedly less boring—younger, hair messier (and sometimes half shaved, Alice Dellal-style). Of course, that’s probably unsurprising, given Mr. Wu’s first-lady styles and Cushnie et Ochs’ predilection for sheer paneling. Here, reporters treated eighth-grade fashion blogger Tavi Gevinson like Kerry Washington, and former Village Voice staffer Lynn Yaeger’s was the dominant bob.