Catch up on a terrific cult show before season two

Before the TV show Fringe debuted last fall, it enjoyed all the hype one would expect for a product of the J. J. Abrams universe (Lost, Alias). But after some initial mixed reviews, it seemed to get lost in the shuffle. Viewers who stuck with the show, however, were rewarded by seeing Fringe’s first season become truly addictive and thrilling television.

Starring Anna Torv and Joshua Jackson (yep, Dawson’s Creek’s Pacey!), the show focuses on an intrepid F.B.I. agent (Torv) who’s assigned to investigate strange, spooky, seemingly supernatural stuff with the help of a mad scientist named Walter Bishop and his son, Peter (Jackson). But Fringe is both smarter than your average procedural or sci-fi fest, and more fun, too. Watching the first season on DVD will get you caught up for the second season’s premiere on Sept. 17, and for those fans already on board, there are tons of extras, including a featurette on the “real science” of Fringe from its consulting scientists, plus commentaries from writers, producers and Abrams himself.

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