Green and de Blasio Trade Barbs Over Who Did What, When

While picking up the endorsement of feminist Gloria Steinem and the National Organization of Women’s New York City chapter, Mark Green said that he was continuing to run a “relentlessly positive campaign.”

Then he went on the offensive.

While standing on the City Hall steps flanked by supporters, Green attacked unnamed opponents for not having achieved as much as he.

“I have heard some rivals in this race using exciting, activist verbs like ‘they fought for this’ and they ‘stood up for that.’ But I haven’t heard much about what they’ve actually accomplished,” Green said.

Minutes later, his main rival, Bill de Blasio, said he doesn’t think it’s “fair” for Green “to talk about things he did a decade or two back, when we’ve had struggles over public safety, public education, over jobs, all these core issues” for the last eight years.

De Blasio was on the City Hall steps to announce he was endorsed by a firefighters’ union and fireman-turned-actor Steve Buscemi.

De Blasio spoke about his fight in keeping firehouses open when Bloomberg threatened to close them in 2003 and earlier this year.

When asked about Green’s comments, de Blasio said, “I think that’s pretty amazing to hear from a guy who’s checked out of New York City public life for the last eight years. We were fighting for months to save these firehouses.”

After saying he appreciated Green’s earlier work, de Blasio said, “but how can you see that 16 firehouses are in danger, and never join a rally, and never lift a finger.

De Blasio said he’s been on the frontlines, and “I think he should respect that fact.”

Green and de Blasio Trade Barbs Over Who Did What, When