I’m Gonna Get Me Som: Cruise Prints and Antique Photographs Inspire Peter’s Collection

In lieu of a traditional catwalk at designer Peter Som’s 3:30 P.M. showing at Milk Studios on Wednesday, Sept. 16, viewers including Anna Wintour and Lynn Yaeger were pleasantly surprised with a much more relaxed and informal presentation of his Spring collection

The especially young models, perched in shiny chrome or deep-blue pumps, posed in groups of three on white pedestals while the crowd milled below them.

The liberty of movement gave the Transom ample time to speak with the designer and inquire about the benefits of showing a collection in this manner.

“The presentation was more intimate and you can see the clothes up close, “ Mr. Som said. “It felt right to me.” He described the inspiration for his patterns and colors as a “mixing up” of cruise ships, antique photographs and Japanese prints.

Outfitted in silhouettes giving an early-1950s retro look, numerous shades of aquas and deep blues gave way to grays, reds and oranges—a real rainbow of hues that ranged from desaturated to glittery. Patterns were just as varied, included uniform splotches of shiny paint and faded horizontal stripes.