In Report, Cuomo Finds State Police Leadership Operated Politically

ALBANY—A report by Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has found “certain troubling situations in which, at the highest levels of the State Police, political considerations played an improper and determinative role.”

The 11-page report, above, says that under the administration of George Pataki, the executive services detail would often run “secret squirrel missions” and “colonel missions” at the behest of Daniel Wiese, the detail’s commander. Wiese later went on to become the inspector general of the New York Power Authority and, the report says, destroyed or removed documents under subpoena and “justice may have been obstructed.”

That investigation is ongoing, Cuomo says in the report.

It also finds that a “sanitized” report was created and entered into the State Police system 13 days after a domestic violence incident at the Clifton Park home of then-Congressman John Sweeney. The report was leaked to the media shortly before the 2006 election, and Sweeney narrowly lost a re-election bid to now-Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.

David Paterson, who directed Cuomo to conduct the investigation in light of rumored improprieties, said in a response letter that “I am relieved that you have found no substantive evidence that the rank and file of the State Police violated the public interest, just as I am concerned that you have identified troubling politicization of certain actions and decisions that occurred at the highest levels of the State Police.”