The Brooklyn Paper Wins a Somewhat Obscure Award, Celebrates

When Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation bought the Brooklyn Paper back in March (following rumors of financial trouble) editor Gersh Kuntzman promised that it would remain “the same great paper that you have always loved.”

Maybe he was right!

Today The Brooklyn Paper trumpeted: “We win–again! More awards for your Brooklyn Paper!”

The article continued,

The Brooklyn Paper has done it again — winning a trifecta of top awards at this weekend’s Independent Free Papers of America annual conference just outside of Chicago.

In a clean sweep, The Paper took home the coveted Vic Jose Award for General Excellence, the IFPA’s top honor.

That the paper has won the same award even under Mr. Murdoch is somewhat comforting. The fierce little paper under a big corporation still wins the same award it did as a fierce independent!

“We’re now a part of the most powerful newspaper family in the world,” Kuntzman told the Observer on his staff’s last night at their old Dumbo offices. “You can’t underestimate how excited we are!”