The New Yorker Is Hiring

Senior editor Emily Eakin is leaving The New Yorker, and the magazine is looking for a replacement. (Ms. Eakin is leaving due to ongoing medical issues.) The magazine is looking outside the organization to fill the job, and it has received a green light from Condé Nast executives to make the hire, despite the fact that Condé Nast is in the middle of a hiring freeze and in the heart of a budget crunch.

Even though the magazine was given a get-out-of-jail-free card from having to meet with McKinsey staffers, sources at the magazine insist that the opportunity to hire a new senior editor isn’t preferential treatment. Other Condé Nast magazines, such as Wired, have been given the same pass from the hiring freeze to go out and find new talent for special circumstances. The New Yorker also got a waiver when it hired Amelia Lester, the 26-year-old editor from The Paris Review, to become its new managing editor. —J.K.