Ludacris on Piven: ‘He Definitely OD’d On Fish’

Apparently, Jeremy Piven could have avoided the whole sushi debacle if he had only listened to his RocknRolla co-star Ludacris.

You seemed to have an easy rapport with Jeremy Piven. Did you guys know each other before or did that just happen on the set?

No, we had just met, man. But whenever I start shooting a movie and I know I’m going to have scenes with somebody, I try to hang out with them and get to know them so that the chemistry is already there once we do scenes together. But Jeremy is a real down-to-earth person, and I still talk to him today. I remember telling his ass to stop eating so much damn fish all the time. [Laughs.] When that thing happened with the mercury [poisoning], he hit me and said, “You were the one to tell me to stop eating all that damn fish.” And I was like, “I told you, man!” [Laughs.] He’d be eating fish for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

So that was true?

A lot of people thought he was making up the mercury poisoning thing. I’m telling you, as his friend trying to look out for him, when he was around me, he definitely OD’d on fish.

From Inked Magazine, via Grubstreet.

Ludacris on Piven: ‘He Definitely OD’d On Fish’