More Newspapers for Bloomberg, Including Citing Obama

Michael Bloomberg announced he was endorsed by more newspapers, including Black Star News, Image magazine and the local chain of papers run by Manhattan Media.

A Thompson spokesman said their candidate was not invited to interview with Black Star News or Image, but did speak with Manhattan Media editors.

The most intriguing line in the Black Star News editorial is the first:

“Michael Bloomberg was one of the earliest prominent New York politicians to side with then Presidential candidate Barack Obama at a time when many doubted that the Senator from Illinois could prevail over the powerful Clinton name.”

Bloomberg said he would endorse a presidential candidate, but never did. After Obama’s election, Bloomberg has been cheering him on.

When I asked what the editorial was referring to, a Bloomberg spokesman said, “I don’t know. Ask them.” I left a voice message at the newspaper’s office and sent them an email. I’ll update with a response.

Also, trivia: Among the chain of papers associated with Our Town that endorsed Bloomberg is New York Press. It’s only the second time they ever endorsed a mayoral candidate. The first endorsement occurred in 2005, when they backed Freddy Ferrer as a joke.

Later, when The New York Times cited the endorsement, the editors at the New York Press demanded an apology.

More Newspapers for Bloomberg, Including Citing Obama