Morning Read: Thompson’s Education, Bloomberg’s Salt

Here’s Bill Thompson’s policy rollout: mandatory pre-K, mandatory phys ed, longer school days and an extended school year.

Thompson said he won’t run the schools like a corporation.

Bloomberg campaign aides say Thompson’s school proposals are too expensive.

A study from Columbia University questions Bloomberg’s graduation statistics.

Despite his rules for the city, Michael Bloomberg eats unhealthy.

Joyce Purnick takes questions about Bloomberg.

Bloomberg critic Richard Lipsky says the mayor could lose the education argument.

Bill de Blasio is benefiting from connections he built behind the scenes.

Fred Siegel manages to utter faint praise of Mark Green.

John Liu’s ties to the Working Families Party mean he’ll be under a microscope as comptroller.

The Post edit board warns of “a huge – and dangerous – victory” by Liu.

Liu and David Yassky take money from people who do business with pension funds.

Liu and Mark Green aren’t debating as much as their opponents want.

Tom Robbins looks at how Yassky got into the run-off, and how he flipped on term limits.

A witness provides details of the night Hiram Monserrate claims to have accidentally cut his girlfriend in the face.

Juan Gonzalez said the prosecutors have “produced no clear-cut evidence of assault.”

Hank Sheinkopf thinks Paterson’s comments were a diss to Obama.

Al Vann has a general election competitor.

Mark Griffith will run “as a Democrat” on the Working Families Party line against Vann.

Kendall Stewart vows to run in the general election against Democratic nominee Jumaane Williams.

John Jay LaValle returns as Suffolk G.O.P. chairman.

Stop the wine fund-raisers!

Ed Skyler throws a strike.

Obama, localized.

No, Ashley Dupre did not watch The Good Wife last night.

And here’s part of Thompson’s education speech last night.

Morning Read: Thompson’s Education, Bloomberg’s Salt