Morning Read, Upstate: Obama and Paterson

David Paterson said he will move ahead with his re-election campaign, despite a White House request that he step down.

Paterson said as much at a parade Sunday in Harlem, but left the door open by noting that running was his intention “right now.”

Bill Hammond says Obama’s move is “a cold-blooded political calculation – that having his highly unpopular name at the top of next year’s ballot could drag down Democrats across the state, with potentially disastrous ripple effects in Washington.”

Liz says this makes David Paterson a lame duck, just ahead of a session to bridge a budget gap.

Fred Dicker says this makes Andrew Cuomo the “de facto governor-elect.”

In Harlem, many agree with Obama’s thinking and reject notions that his move was racist.

“When a black governor performs worse than the Mets and tries to blame his declining popularity on a media-driven racial attack, that is not a serious racial problem,” writes Leonard Greene. “That is a joke.”

The News says that Paterson is just a symptom of the larger, decrepit system of New York politics.

Some Democratic party leaders hedged.

The Capital Region is excited for Barack Obama’s visit.

Obama’s intervention with Paterson will almost certainly come up.

Where will Joe Bruno be? He wasn’t invited.

Andrea Peyser says that Hiram Monserrate, whose assault trial starts today in earnest, “has even odds of skipping back to Albany, broken glass in hand. A free man.”

After stepping down, ESDC head Avi Schick still drew a full salary.

Rick Lazio’s campaign rhetoric is no longer optimistic about the upstate economy.

Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb mailed a survey statewide.

Some health care workers don’t want to get a swine flu shot.

The state didn’t fund a consolidation study in Broome County.

The Congressional plan would still be better than the public health insurance option. Is that right?

Officials will meet to figure out how to pay for a new Tappan Zee bridge.

Bill Owens opened a campaign office and promised to support the president.

Syracuse could elect its first female mayor.

Representative Mike Arcuri said it was inappropriate for Congress to rebuke Representative Joe Wilson.

And below, video of RNC Chairman Michael Steele saying Obama’s pressure on Paterson is racially motivated:

Morning Read, Upstate: Obama and Paterson