Morning Read: Weprin’s Push, Campaign Workers


Challengers try hitting incumbents for extending term limits.

There’s bad stuff happening at the city department of buildings.

Here’s more on David Weprin pushing the death penalty issue in the comptroller race.

John Liu and David Yassky are on Brian Lehrer today.

Spheres of influence for the Manhattan DA race, pictured.

Gatemouth finds no smoking gun in Brad Lander’s interview with Dov Hikind.

Richard Lipsky hopes defeating Kingsbridge has a broader message.

Norman Siegel and Eric Adams give away free DVDs “how to win in housing court.”

Edward-Isaac Dovere says Data and Field Services could end up $700,000 shy in billing candidates.

Unemployed professionals are busy working on campaigns.

Robots do more work at City Hall.

Computer consultants get paid well at the Department of Education.

Leslie Crocker Snyder’s claim about sexism at the U.S. attorney’s office under Robert Morgenthau is supported by Patricia Hynes, who acknowledged she was the only woman working in the criminal division.

Clyde Haberman floats the idea of renaming the Grand Central Parkway after Ted Kennedy.

Bob Herbert gives up hope on Republicans, and wants the rest of us on a couch.

The Times edit board fears the ban on corporate spending in federal elections could soon be lifted.

The Post edit board laments the Working Families Party seeming ability to get around campaign rules with no way to really stop them before the election.

El Diario endorses Diana Reyna, Ydanis Rodrigues and other candidates.

And pictured above is Michael Bloomberg with Colin Powell at a parade in Brooklyn yesterday.

Morning Read: Weprin’s Push, Campaign Workers