NYTPicker Revealed, Then Not!

Earlier today, the Times “revealed” the blogger behind NYTPicker–the blog written by anonymous “bloggers” who obsessively cover the Times, generally from a reader’s point of view–as former Voice and NY Press editor David Blum. The item was posted on its “Media Decoder” blog.

Less than an hour ago, NYTPicker wrote on its twitter, “NYTPicker to NYT: Nice try, but Blum’s not one of us! Keep guessing.”

And then, whooosh! The post mysteriously vanished.

We called up Bruce Headlam, the paper’s media editor, to figure out what happened.

“The story changed,” he said.

When we asked why the story was taken down, he said he wouldn’t comment. When we asked if it was a regular practice to remove posts if a story changes, he replied, “We’ve certainly done it, yeah.”

Times editors have rigorously preached that its web content shouldn’t be treated any differently than  content in the paper.

When we asked if a revised post would go up, or if there would be a correction, he said, “Don’t know.”

UPDATE: After the disappearance of their story got plenty of attention, the Times has posted a correction. In the correction, written “by the editors,” they write that Mr. Blum “denied he had any involvement with NYTPick.com.”

NYTPicker Revealed, Then Not!