Paterson: ‘I’m Actually Not Talking About It’

ALBANY—David Paterson got a loud cheer by beating up on Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at an event in Midtown, then parried reporters' questions about whether ongoing talk of White House pressure to get him not to run is problematic.

"I'm actually not talking about it, I just wanted to set the record straight and, uh, that's it," Paterson said in a very brief question-and-answer session. He did an extensive radio interview this morning in which he did talk about it.

Paterson was asked about his wife, Michelle's comments that she wasn't sure if her husband would run for re-election.

"I appreciate my wife's comments all the time," Paterson replied. "Most people who read the New York Times article thought what she thought, but the administration never gave me an authorized invitation not to run next year."

He was asked if he wanted to run for re-election.

"I'm running," he said.

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