Poll: Bloomberg Trails Thompson Among Democrats, But Not by Much

The latest poll from Marist may help explain the odd fact that more people voted in the Democratic primaries for public advocate and comptroller than in the race for mayor.

According to Marist, Democrats are almost split between Michael Bloomberg and Bill Thompson, 43 to 46 percent. Overall, Bloomberg is leading Thompson 50 to 39 percent.

The best news for Thompson in the poll is that among likely voters, Bloomberg’s lead is less than 10 percent: 52 to 43 percent.

Also, Thompson’s apparently soft numbers among African-Americans and Latinos are possible areas for growth.

Thompson leads Bloomberg among African-Americans, 52 to 37 percent, and among Latinos, Bloomberg leads Thompson 48 to 43 percent.

Adam Lisberg jumps into the poll and finds what he says are signs of voter fatigue with Bloomberg. One is that Bloomberg has a higher unfavorability rating, although I’d argue that that kind of goes along with the fact that the mayor is better known than his challenger.

Lisberg notes one other interesting fact: 58 percent of people supporting Thompson “say they support him because they want to vote against Bloomberg.”