Reader, We Drank Them

What do you drink when you get to the Open?

You can play it safe and go with the $7.50 beer, but why not get something in a fancy, beautifully shaped glass? As a public service–give us a break: it was Labor Day, after all–we tried three of the drinks we’ve seen most often on the grounds of Ashe. (Forgive us, but we couldn’t bring ourselves to actually order a Frozen Cosmopolitan for review.)

The Martini ($10)

The worst thing about the hard liquor here is that, like in a bad hotel bar, they measure out the vodka in thimble-like metal shot glasses. The martini, at least, comes with two of those shots of vodka, and yet….it’s kind of flat. We didn’t watch them pour this drink, but considering the martini tasted a bit too much like Evian, we presume they went heavy on the vermouth. Maybe we should have taken the bartender up on his offer to make it a little dirty. Eh. (UPDATE: A friend and trusted alcohol consultant writes, “They shook your martini too much, which was probably why it was so watery.” Overeager bartenders: the bane of the Open.)

The Honey Deuce ($13):

At last, we meet again. It’s far and away the most popular drink here, as the bartender confirmed. But we’re not fans! Too much lemonade, too sweet and just one shot of vodka. Not worth the money. (But maybe worth the cute commemorative glass, even though it looks much cheaper once you’ve brought it home.)

The Mojito ($12):

Surprisingly, this was our favorite. It’s so hard to get a good mojito, and while we’re not prepared to call this one a great one, we were surprised at how balanced it was. Not too sweet, and just enough rum. Plus: tasty sugar cane. This is your safest bet.

Reader, We Drank Them