Rucci Rucci Roo! At Ralph’s Show, Sweatin’ With Andre, Martha and…Steve Harvey?

When Vogue editor-at-large Andre Leon Talley arrived at the Chado Ralph Rucci show last Friday, he was, as is typical, dressed to impress. He wore a long white kimono with a stripe across the top.

The air outside was extremely humid–more so inside a tent overfilled by about fifty people.

When the Transom asked Mr. Talley if he was warm, he quickly replied, “Of course not, I’m freezing.” (As beads of sweat dripped down his forehead.)

Homemaking potentate Martha Stewart was also there to support her good friend, Mr. Rucci. When asked if she was wearing one of the designer’s originals, she smiled and pointed to her brown ribbed skirt, which was almost entirely covered by a long white double-breasted overcoat.

“Partially,” she said, with a laugh.

Ms. Stewart had spoken to Mr. Rucci right before the show, and said that he “was nervous but always prepared.”

Nearby was designers Rachel Roy, in a tank mini dress festooned with silver sequins, and actress Keisha Whitaker in a black strapless frock. After about a minute of attention from the photographers, Kelly Cutrone, the famously strong-willed publicist, came over to force everyone off the runway and into their seats.

Radio personality Steve Harvey was also there with his very quiet but kind wife, Marjorie Bridges-Woods.

We didn’t know Steve Harvey was a Rucci fan!

“My wife is the real fan,” he said. “But I usually see all these clothes in my wife’s closet, I get the fashion show preview.”