Skurnik: De Blasio Big Everywhere, Yassky Big in Manhattan, Black Voters Turn Out in New York

Jerry Skurnik crunches the numbers and emails some interesting bits of analysis.

Bill de Blasio beat Mark Green pretty much everywhere.

“Two closest were 59 AD (Canarsie), where Thomas Jefferson Club supported Green and he lost 1,465 – 1,224 & 26 AD (Eastern Queens), where he lost 2,189-2,141,” Skurnik writes.

Only a handful of Assembly districts had more than 6,000 votes cast: 64 AD (Lower Manhattan), 66 AD (Village), 67 AD (West Side – only AD over 10,000), 69 AD (Morningside Hts), 52 AD (Brooklyn Hts).

In the comptroller race, the 64th AD, which includes Chinatown, went for John Liu. The others in Manhattan went for David Yassky. (The 69th was won by Yassky by only 24 votes, so, that may change when the machines are reexamined.)

Skurnik said there may be something to the notion that Liu was not helped by the W.F.P. pulling out de Blasio’s base.

“If de Blasio was pulling votes in those ADs, it might have hurt Liu a little,” Skurnik wrote.

Skurnik also came up with this broad conclusion about the results:

“The runoff may have finally put the nail in the coffin of the old wives’ tale that blacks don’t vote. In NYC, they do.”

CORRECTION :Skurnik emails this note about his analysis: “When I say Liu carried only 64 AD in Manhattan, I am referring to the 4 districts with heavy turnouts listed, not to all of Manhattan. People for John Liu is correct in the comment that Liu carried other ADs in Manhattan.” We apologize for the error.