S.N.L. Paterson: ‘That’s Like the Pope Calling a Local Priest to Tell Him to Go Straight to Hell’

ALBANY—Saturday Night Live has once again weighed in on David Paterson’s state of affairs, with the “governor” answering questions on the Thursday evening edition of Weekend Update.

Seth Meyers asked about White House pressure not to run, which the fake Paterson—portrayed by Fred Armisen—likened to “the Pope calling a local priest to tell him to go to hell.”

(In the above video, scroll ahead to about 12 minutes in.)

“By the way, you know how to go to hell, Seth?” Paterson asked. “You take the Holland Tunnel straight to New Jerzzzey.”

Mocking of the governor’s blindness—which he has before said offended him—was again part of the bit. New Jersey put-downs were once again numerous.

Paterson was asked about whether he thought Andrew Cuomo or Rick Lazio would have a chance beating him.

“Are you kidding? Those cologne soaked city-slickers will never be able to connect with the gumbies in upstate New York. I dare Andrew Cuomo to show his pretty face in Utica: The locals will just hide in their caves and throw boulders at him.”

Meyers also asked whether Paterson wanted to be a senator instead of governor.

“I had great dreams of living in Washington, D.C., walking zig-zag up the Capitol steps. You know, shaking hands with an even mix of humans and statues … trying to stick my ATM card in the Vietnam memorial, then showing up late for votes and flicking off the senators from … New Jerzzzey.”

There was no immediate statement from Paterson’s press office.