Thigpen says he’s interested in running for Essex Register

Essex County Democratic Party Chairman Phil Thigpen had a message for the Republican opposition that moved in on Democratic Party turf this afternoon.

“Welcome to the neighborhood,” said the chairman, who said he recalls former Gov. Tom Kean having a campaign headquarters in Newark.

Local operatives say former Gov. Christie Todd Whitman had a Newark HQ in her 1997 race.

Democrats are scheduled to open their official headquarters to reelect Gov. Jon Corzine in West Orange. Thigpen said thegovernor will have headquarters throughout the city, in different wards.

Thigpen, a former Freeholder, confirmed scuttlebutt that he will probably be a candidate for Essex County Register of Deeds and Mortgages before the end of the week.

“They’re asking me to do it,” he said of the party. “If there’s support, I’d be interested. If that brings the party together, fine, I’ll do it.”

Thigpen, who would take the place as the Democrats’ candidate for Newark Central Ward Chairman Dwight Brown, who died this past summer, would run against Republican Terriann Moore Abram, a former South Orange Village Trustee.

Thigpen says he’s interested in running for Essex Register