Thompson to Paterson: T.G.I.F.

Is Bill Thompson trying to bury David Paterson?

In Madison Square Park this morning, Governor David Paterson offered a qualified endorsement of Bill Thompson’s campaign for mayor, saying “it is in no way a put down of Michael Bloomberg’s two terms of service to this city by insisting that there be new blood in City Hall,” according to Azi.

They chose an interesting time to announce the Governor’s support: The Saturday papers aren’t known for maximizing news value. But as Liz Benjamin points out, it’s still plenty of time to kick around the Internet and the 24-hour cable channels.

With Mr. Paterson polling a meager 20-percent support, it’s hard to blame Mr. Thompson for not scheduling the Governor in prime time. We suspect an endorsement from Andrew Cuomo–should it come–might command a slightly better time slot.