Two of Three Manhattan D.A. Candidates Own Guns

Two out of the three Democratic candidates for Manhattan district attorney said they are gun owners, they said during a debate at WABC’s studios in Manhattan.

Leslie Crocker Snyder said she got a gun “at the suggestion of the police department when I had the death threats” while she was a judge during the 1980s and 1990s. Snyder said she’s never used the gun, and currently has it under lock and key.

Cy Vance said he does own one, for “skeet shooting,” and that the gun is located “up in New York State.”

Richard Aborn, who bragged of having “stared into the eye” of the National Rifle Association on this issue and “beat” them in order to help push gun-control legislation through congress, said he has never owned a firearm.

“I have a gun but it’s locked up in a safe and I’ve never used it,” Snyder said during the debate. Afterward, Snyder’s spokesman declined to say what type of gun it is.

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