Watching People Watching Nadal

The official U.S. Open umbrella retails for $46, but the real status symbol is one from Roland Garros.

A prime example of what our favorite novelist, Katherine Taylor, calls a "stereotypical tennis club brat" took it upon himself to stand in front of us. Thanks!

We've never seen a more exuberant response to "Walking on Sunshine."
Brad Gilbert, offering color commentary from courtside, seemed to be having problems with his microphone.

rsz rafabag Watching People Watching NadalThere wasn’t much to watch during Rafael Nadal’s first-round match on Ashe yesterday, as he looked just fine during his first-round win, 6-2, 6-2, 6-3, over coke-kisser Richard Gasquet (who, strangely, didn’t want the ballboys to hold an umbrella over him during the changeovers). Next to us in the third row, a 5-year-old in crisp white polo and khaki shorts nudged his father and looked up: “Dad, are those the nosebleed seats?”

We decided to take a walk around the stadium. Here’s a slideshow of what we saw.

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