Antichrist: Consider Yourself Warned

Early reports on Lars von Trier’s latest, Antichrist, are now actually terrifying. “Not for the squeamish!” cautioned Sara Vilkomerson in her New York Film Festival preview; “another loathsome barf job,” said Rex Reed after he saw it in Toronto. Mr. Reed’s summary: “pickle-faced Charlotte Gainsbourg, who always looks embalmed, prunes away her genitalia with garden shears.”

And Friday’s Lincoln Center screening seems to have precipitated a medical emergency. Page Six quotes a report from’s Peter Kneget:

A man in the audience had a seizure while a scene was unfolding in which Charlotte Gainsbourg tortures the dangly bits of Willem Dafoe‘s character. “People starting screaming, ‘Call an ambulance!’ ‘Call 911,’ including the familiar voice of actress Lili Taylor.”