Crime Waves: Saints and Soap Guns

The Post reports this morning that Karla Giraldo was “ornery,” “surly,” and “diva-like” as she testified at Hiram Monserrate’s trial for stabbing her. She claimed that Monserrate is “a saint” and that the cops had harassed her. Michael Daly of the Daily News says that she’s “a magnificent girlfriend” but “not much of a liar.”

The Timesmore soberly worded take: “Monserrate’s Companion Asserts Cuts Were Accidental,” and makes it “clear that her sympathies lay with” the State Senator.

In other ongoing stories, the Brooklyn hit-and-run drunk-cop story now centers on gum and water, and a brutally depressing MySpace suicide note from Sir’mone McCaulla, the post office stabber, explains that he “didn’t mean to kill” Christopher Gutierrez. Brigitte Harris, the Queens woman whose abusive father died when she castrated him, has been convicted of manslaughter.

In an emerging story: Farideh Tabaei, an excecutive at Bellevue Hospital, was arraigned on misconduct  charges. She has been accused of demanding stonework, statues, and furniture from vendors before approving contracts.

Ronald Tackman, an inmate who has “a penchant for disguises” and “resembles the Midnight Cowboy character Ratso Rizzo,” escaped jail by putting on a suit and walking out of an open cell door at the Centre Street courthouse. This is not the first jailbreak attempt for Tackman; in 1985, he took a guard hostage using a gun carved from soap.

Crime Waves: Saints and Soap Guns