Finally, Dede’s First Ad

WILLIAMSVILLE—With a month to go before the special election to replace John McHugh in Congress, Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava has released her first positive ad.

National Republicans have been attacking her opponents—Bill Owens, the Democratic designee and Doug Hoffman, the Conservative Party’s pick—from the air, but Scozzafava is the last candidate to go on air.

The ad features voters repeating her name, and says that she voted against the largest tax increase in state history—in this year’s state budget—and has created 1,000 jobs. No details are given, but it may be through her affiliation with the company WiseBuys.

The ad lands the day after a poll found Scozzafava leading the race by seven points, but only gaining 35 percent of the vote.

A special election has been called for Nov. 3.

Finally, Dede’s First Ad