Former Manhattan Dem Chair Wonders If W.F.P. Could Stand Alone

The Working Families Party’s growing dominance in city elections has been, for the most part, an inside game, as Michael Oliva explained last week. The goal isn’t to elect people on their own line, but rather to get their preferred candidates to win Democratic nominations, which, in New York, is usually all that matters.

Which, if you’re a Democratic Party official, is sort of like having your house raided by cousins. They’re related, but don’t belong there.

In an interview today, the Assemblyman and former Manhattan Democratic chair Denny Farrell wondered what would happen if elected officials could have votes from only one line count towards their election.

“If they’re that powerful, would they support a single party line, and would they feel comfortable believing they would get a majority of the members joining them?” he asked.

“That would answer the question of whether or you are the major party.”

If only things worked that way.