Gingrich: A Vote for Hoffman Is a Vote for Pelosi

ALBANY—Former House speaker Newt Gingrich never mentioned Doug Hoffman’s name during a radio appearance this morning, but had a clear message for Republicans in the 23rd Congressional District: “The vote you’re going to cast for a third-party candidate is going to guarantee the election of a Democrat. If you think that adding another vote to Nancy Pelosi’s majority is a good idea, that keeping Nancy Pelosi as speaker is a good idea, then it’s fine. But don’t kid yourself.”

“John McHugh is a moderate Republican, he’s held the seat for a very long time, I think 20 years,” Gingrich, who has endorsed Republican Dede Scozzafava, told Joe Donahue on WAMC’s The Roundtable. “She’s not dramatically different from McHugh. So in that sense, it would be like electing someone who’s like a Republican from that part of the state.”

Gingrich then sounded a similar theme as an appearance on Fox News earlier this week where he called out Sarah Palin and Tim Pawlenty for endorsing Hoffman.

“But the question I raise to all of my friends around the country is, if we all claim we don’t want Washington to be in charge of everything and we all claim we want local control, and we want the 10th Amendment respected and we want to return power to the state and local level, how come when the New York State Republicans in four separate meetings make the same unanimous choice and at all four meetings pick Dede Scozzafava, how come that’s somehow not good enough?” Gingrich said. “And we’re now going to impose our judgment from all over the country even though we don’t live there, we weren’t part of the meetings, we didn’t see hat happened, and I think that’s a very bad policy. I think that we have some obligation to respect the fact that Georgia’s not the same as New York and New York’s not the same as California, and California’s not the same as Alaska. I think we ought to be a little cautious about trying to impose our national genes on a local community.”