Hoffman Is the Last to Go Positive

ALBANY—Doug Hoffman has released a positive, self-introductory advertisement, the last of the three candidates vying to replace John McHugh in Congress to do so, which subtly emphasizes his associations with hard-right movements that have blossomed in opposition to Barack Obama.

The ad, below, shows a picture of a rally before the Capitol in Washington with a yellow "don't tread on me" flag in front of an American flag. Hoffman is identified as an "Army veteran, business man, NRA member." He does not speak in the (except in the required ending disclaimer to say he approves it) which is a difference from the positive ads that Republican Assemblywoman Dede Scozafava and Bill Owens, the Democratic Party's candidate, are running.

Hoffman's campaign said it will begin airing this ad around the district, on top of a negative ad which paints Scozzafava as a fake Republican.

An election to replace McHugh has been called for Nov. 3.