Paterson Talks About Green Things in L.A.

WILLIAMSVILLE—David Paterson is in Los Angeles today, talking about green energy at a summit convened by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

I examined his schedules for a story this week, and found he hasn’t been as publicly active as one might expect of a man in his political shoes. The trip to Los Angeles comes when Paterson was scheduled to speak on Long Island at a trade event. One of his staffers described it as “very much a work trip” and provided details of the itinerary.

Paterson flew to L.A. on Thursday, and attended a reception with Schwarzenegger last evening, and today will be sitting on a panel with Quebec Premier Jean Charest as well as other international representatives. Paterson has been talking about reducing greenhouse emissions–he unveiled his 45 by 15 plan during the State of the State Address–but hasn’t made much noise recently. He’s expected to talk about Regional Greenhouse Gas auctions that New York has been holding.

On a side-note, now that Richard Ravitch is legitimately the lieutenant governor, Paterson can leave the state without having to argue that he is not “effectively absent.”