Poll: Bloomberg at 52 Percent

Michael Bloomberg inches over the 50 percent mark and now leads Bill Thompson, 52 to 36 percent, widening his lead now to 16 points, according to a new Marist poll. Last month, Bloomberg was hovering at 50 percent, with Thompson back at 39 percent. In July, Bloomberg was at 48 percent.

So, things are trending in Bloomberg’s favor. He’s even leading among Democratic voters, 47 to 39 percent.

Another figure that stood out to me: 62 percent of Thompson supporters think Bloomberg will win.

Regionally, Bloomberg is carrying Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan by significant margins. In each of those areas, Bloomberg is above 50 percent while Thompson is below 40. In Staten Island, it’s 56 to 41 for Bloomberg. And in the Bronx, Thompson leads, but with only 43 percent. Bloomberg is polling there at 40 percent.