Ruth Reflects on Time in ‘Wonderland’

John Koblin spoke with Ruth Reichl last night at a posthumous party for Gourmet. In between greeting colleagues and navigating the coat check, she talked about her plans for a book on Conde Nast.

“It’s a very rarefied world,” she said. “It was a world that most people—I had no idea that this particular world existed. I sort of think of it as ‘Ruthie in Wonderland.’ People are fascinated by the world. It’s a life that is probably coming to an end.”


“I do think that there is going to be something that will be very exciting and that will incorporate video, instant shopping,” she said. “I think that the rich experience that is in magazines will likely move to another platform. It won’t be online. It will be what magazines are now, tools for living and inspirational and intellectually rich. I think magazines in that sense won’t be going away.”