The Letterman Story Evolves: Time for Analysis

As the dust settles, Felix Gilette tries to figure out Robert Halderman, the man behind the blackmail:

Friends and colleagues described Mr. Halderman as a sharp-witted guy who was always up for having fun. “Joe’s a friendly, boisterous, slap-you-on-the-back kind of guy,” said another former colleague. “Sort of a Vince Vaughn type, but more serious and not goofy. A guy’s guy. Someone you want to have a beer with.”

Others described Mr. Halderman as confident bordering on cocky–a swashbuckling war producer, who walked around with his chest puffed out, and could rub some colleagues the wrong way with his bravado.

Elsewhere, people are dissecting Letterman’s onscreen confession. The Times MediaDecoder blog thinks that critics have been overwhelmingly positive, but television writer Alessandra Stanley found him calculated–or maybe compulsive? Broadsheet thought it was refreshing; Jezebel’s more skeptical. Vanity Fair just thinks that Letterman attracts crazy people

And, for no good reason, Drew Barrymore weighs in: “I just heard about it on the way in,” she told The Early Show, “so I know nothing about it.”

The Letterman Story Evolves: Time for Analysis