Thompson for Hoffman, Owens (Again) for Owens

ALBANY—Here’s Doug Hoffman’s latest campaign ad, featuring an endorsement from Fred Thompson.

“America’s in trouble. So when your grandchildren ask you why you didn’t do something, be able to tell them you voted for Doug Hoffman,” Thompson, an actor, former Tennessee senator and presidential candidate tells voters in the race to replace John McHugh in Congress. “He’s not a career politician.”

Thompson describes Hoffman, the Conservative Party candidate, as “a concerned neighbor who’s just had enough.” His campaign funded the ad, which will begin running this morning, spokesman Rob Ryan said. Again, Hoffman’s voice can’t be heard in the ad until the very end.

Bill Owens, the Democrat, has also released another ad, which shows him in a field talking about where he stands. He only specifically says one thing he stands for: letting the Bush tax cuts expire.