Will Sotomayor be the Left’s Scalia?

Is Sonia Sotomayor already the Supreme Court’s most outspoken liberal?

She started asking questions in the first minute of her first day yesterday, and by the L.A. Times‘ count, she asked 36 in the first hour. Then she and Justice Ginsburg teamed up to ask most of the questions in the second hour.

Other new justices have been more shy. Justice Souter was a wallflower in year one, and Justice Thomas has yet to blossom into much of a talker. In the last three years–his 16th through 18th on the Court–Thomas hasn’t asked a single question.

But the real comparison is with Justice Scalia. He only asked 30 questions in the first hour, suggesting the new justice might develop a voluble rivalry with the court’s most outspoken conservative.

It might even get personal, as the L.A. Times points out:

Outside the courtroom, she has already managed to upstage Scalia. A lifelong Yankees fan, she was invited to throw out the first ball in a recent game at Yankee Stadium. Scalia, another lifelong Yankees fan, is awaiting his invitation.


Will Sotomayor be the Left’s Scalia?