Yudin: Ferriero conviction proves Bergen County is ‘for sale to the highest bidder’

Bergen County Republican Chairman Bob Yudin said he will not gloat about the three count corruption conviction of his former Democratic counterpart, Joe Ferriero.

“This is a sad day, and in no way am I happy about this because it shows that I was right since I started running for freeholder that everything was for sale in Bergen County to the highest bidder,” said Yudin, who ran for freeholder three times and faced some criticism for focusing too much on corruption as a campaign issue.

Ferriero, who took over the Democratic Party in 1998, transformed it from perennial minority status to the county’s dominant party. By the time of his indictment last year, Republicans were left holding only one county-wide office.

Now, Republicans think they have a good shot at picking up two freeholder seats.

“It shows the depth of the corruption in Bergen County under the Democrats. This is why I am so involved – this is why the BCRO is so involved,” he said. “We need to restore a two-party system in Bergen County.”

Yudin did not want to speculate on whether the conviction will aide his county’s candidates.

“It can’t hurt. Yes, it will probably help, but that’s not an issue for me. It’s a sad day for government — especially in Bergen County.”