Zuckerman Bids on BusinessWeek

Late in the game, New York Daily News owner Mort Zuckerman is joining the fray of BusinessWeek bidders.

Bloomberg L.P. has looked like the leading candidate to buy the magazine–but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, Mr. Zuckerman told the Post.

“Bloomberg seems to me the most natural buyer,” he said. “But until we know what’s going to happen it’s all academic.”

BusinessWeek lost $43 million in 2008, and according to the Post it stands to lose over $60 million in 2009. What would Zuckerman do to reverse the course?

“Obviously, we’d run it differently and financially more efficiently than they do.”

Good plan. Of course, ruthless efficiency doesn’t necessarily seem like Zuckerman’s M.O.–he just spent $150 million on new presses for the Daily News.

This isn’t the first time that Mr. Zuckerman has made this kind of move: Recall his pursuit of Newsday last spring (he lost out to the Dolans). Maybe he just likes putting his name out there?


Zuckerman Bids on BusinessWeek