Bloomberg and Emanuel on Taking on the NRA at Election Time

Today, Michael Bloomberg’s coalition against illegal guns placed a full-page ad in the Washington Post urging lawmakers to prevent suspects on a federally maintained “terror watch list” from being allowed to purchase guns.

“500 mayors agree with the Obama and Bush Administrations: stop terror suspects from getting guns,” the ad says.

It’s also been an issue that Rahm Emanuel voiced support for back in 2007, according to this video clip.

“We got to make this a number one issue, as a test vote, and take it into the election.” He added, “If it’s between that terrorist list and the NRA, I know where America is going to be every time.”

Bloomberg said closing this loophole was his “number one priority.” He also offered the following description of why gun control critics have been so successful in blocking this kind of restriction: “There’s extremists in the pro-gun movement who threaten our elected representatives around the country, whether they’re in the legislature or executive side with working to get them removed, to remove them from office if they don’t support the line that the extremists want: no reasonable restrictions, no enforcement of federal laws, elimination of federal laws. And we’ve just got to say ‘we’re not going to take it anymore.'”

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