Cooling Ratings for Morning Joe

rsz 83345966 Cooling Ratings for Morning JoeMorning Joe’s mix of “hard news, politics, [and] intellectual rigor” looked like a good bet a year ago, but now it’s “struggling to hang onto viewers,” reports Felix Gilette. And its ratings woes come at a pivotal moment for NBC Universal:

Currently, teams of bankers are combing over every detail of the company’s books in preparation for Comcast’s imminent purchase of NBC Universal. Morning Joe’s struggles will not go unnoticed. Perhaps as a result, rumors have been swirling through the building in recent days that a shake-up is about to hit the show, as some insiders question whether MSNBC can maintain the current staff levels despite having already lost a hefty chuck of its bankable audience.

Read the rest of Felix’s analysis here.


  1. Anakhu says:

    when a jackass like Halperin make a stupid comment on any show it is because the host of that show share the same opinion like them, the way those imbesiles carying on and laughing, shows they are low lives, you may not like your president because he is black and not conservative, he is the choice of majority, he is the president of this country he deserve respect from every American. Halperin will never make a comment like that on Last word, Racheal Maddow or Ed Schulz or Keith Obermann because those hosts are decent people. I was not suprised about the incident on Morning Joe, Scarborough and his sidekick,those two have no home training, no respect for others, Mika have low self esteem or her mother did not teach her how she should be respected by oposit sex, or else she would have realised that Halpering disrespected her by saying those words in front of her. I will not patronize the products that sponsor that show anymore, Replace them with David Schulzer, get rid of those two morans, let them go to CNN better yet Fox. 

  2. Mjoycephillips says:

    I did enjoy the show at one time but the constant selling of   books written by the host and guest on the show is disgusting and unethical. Joe pompass and overbearing attitude get old and Mika ‘s submissive role on the show as a scolding mother instead a newscaster  is degrading for women that work each day in the real world.