Crime Waves: Visibly Infuriated

Last month, Andrew Cuomo accused two state employees of using “public property and taxpayer-funded time to nap and party in a den of illicit activities”; today, the Post has a secretly recorded video of the pair “sleeping, smoking dope and snorting coke in their ‘man cave’ while they were supposed to be on the job.”

The video was recorded after the state inspector’s office received a tip about the man cave.  The pair have pleaded guilty to grand larceny and defrauding the government.

Courtroom drama: a judge cleared Fernando Bermudez of murder charges after 18 years in jail. The decision sent “a cathartic jolt through a courtroom packed with his friends and family members,” writes The Times:

Mr. Bermudez, 40, broke down as Justice John Cataldo of State Supreme Court overturned his conviction. He whispered “thank you” to his lawyers, the judge and his supporters, who sobbed and applauded. He turned toward the gallery and whispered, “I love you,” then hugged his lawyers before being taken away in handcuffs.

“I hope for you a much better future,” Justice Cataldo told Mr. Bermudez.

The Post calls the decision (which not only overtuned the charges but dismissed them altogether) “bizarre.”

And at the end of what The Times calls “a grueling day in court,” former State Senate majority leader Joseph Bruno’s corruption trial also yields some vivid dialogue:

“Let me explain something to you once, Mr. Bruno, and I will not explain it again,” Judge Sharpe said, visibly infuriated. “For once in your life, you don’t control something – I do. You ever do what you just did in the presence of that jury again, which is question any of my rulings, and I will take measures to make sure you don’t repeat that.”

Asked to acknowledge that he understood, Mr. Bruno verged on sarcasm. “I understand very clearly what is happening here, Judge, very clearly,” Mr. Bruno replied, prompting a friend sitting in the courtroom to whisper, “Stop it, Joe.”


Crime Waves: Visibly Infuriated