D’Amato Hedges on ‘Mythical Race’ Between Giuliani and Gillibrand

Al D’Amato’s has long had a strained relationship with Rudy Giuliani. He’s also been a conspicuous ally of Kirsten Gillibrand.

So, who would the former Republican senator support if Giuliani challenged Gillibrand?

“This is mythical race and I’m not going to answer a mythical question,” D’Amato said last night during a scheduled appearance on New York 1 News.

D’Amato, who has developed a lucrative lobbying business since being ousted from the Senate by Chuck Schumer, hedged his bets sufficiently between Gillibrand and Giuliani.

“No incumbent Democrat, in any kind of marginal district,” said D’Amato, “is safe in this off-year.”

D’Amato went on to say, “It means Rudy Giuliani would be very, very very formidable and in a very strong position.”

He also said Gillibrand has been working very hard and is a great fund-raiser.