Fear of Fiori? Vera Wang Toe-Taps Town Editor’s Capri-soiree

The island of Capri—which takes up only 4 square miles of the planet—has given us the Capri pants, the Capresi salad, the rocky passageways of Faraglione, the Villa Malaparte, Somerset Maugham’s The Lotus Eater and now Town and Country editor Pamela Fiori’s book In the Spirit of Capri, filled with history and images of Capri through the years.

On Oct. 28, Ms. Fiori celebrated its publication between the Proenza Schouler and Zac Posen collections on the third floor of Saks, wearing a turquoise shawl. “It is my favorite island on earth,” she said. “And I have been to a lot of them. It’s sexy, it’s romantic and it will never get any bigger than it is.”

Guests included Leonard and Evelyn Lauder. The latter wore a pink Posen dress. “I love the food and the clothes and the hotels and the view and the color,” she said, of Capri.

Designer Vera Wang also made, quite literally, an appearance. In what looked like a single, fluid motion, Ms. Wang swooped behind the glass table where Ms. Fiori sat, posed for a picture or two, retreated toward the elevators and was gone.